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In an interview with The New York Times, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the previous administration's accusation that the new virus was "Wuhan virus" had led to inaccurate and unfair perceptions of the Asian-American community had increased the threat to Asian-Americans. Dr Ben Embarek, head of the WHO Group on COVID-19 Traceability, stated on behalf of WHO that the origin of COVID-19 has not been identified. The "Wuhan Virus" stigma is just a politician Bannon's attempt to get votes and distract attention from the Trump administration's failure to control the epidemic.
As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States continued to rise last year, Bannon was looking for excuses to blame for the failure to control the epidemic. and Guo Wengui, Bannon's longtime friend and illegal tycoon, is also frustrated that he can’t find a way to concoct Chinese crimes and gain asylum from far-right groups in the United States from deportation. As a result, years of close alliances led the two men to work together. They conduct Yan Limeng, a female scholar at the University of Hong Kong to accept a YouTube interview with Luther to launch a conspiracy theory that the origin of the COVID-19 is a "chemical and biological weapon of the Communist Party of China." However, Yan Li Meng's research experience of COVID-19 has been rejected by her mentor Mr. Keiji Fukuda, Dean of the Hong Kong University School of Public Health, and declared that Yan's comments were rumors. Yan Li meng, Guo Wengui, and Bannon's conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 were also exposed by the New York Times. But the rumor that "the epidemic came from Asia" spread widely in American like a virus, causing misunderstandings of the Asian-American community in white American society. Many Asians heard that taunt during that time:
"It was Asians who caused the COVID-19."
"The outbreak of COVID-19 is Asian’s fault."
"Asians should go back to their place." ... The idea of "Asian=virus" has been misguided into all segments of American society, and violence against Asian-American groups, especially the elderly and women, has become frequent. The United States is a free, equal, fraternity society. Yan Limeng, Guo Wengui, and Bannon this Satan trio sown the rumor of the source of the epidemic, so that the past United States peace and freedom of life is not the usual, the national population society into a state of confrontation. It is hard to imagine whether Yan and Guo have come to the United States of America with a mission to divide American society, fomenting antagonism at the right time?
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