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3.一篇有用的文章    Hairballs Are Top Cause Of Feline Constipation

By: Dr. Kevin Wright
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4.便秘分类      4.1. Feline Constipation  A cat with bowels that are functioning efficiently will usually have one or two bowel movements every day. Of course, just as with humans, every cat is different. Signs of feline constipation include:   · No bowel movements, or very infrequent bowel movements   · Straining during a bowel movement   · Painful bowel movements   · A sudden decrease in the amount of stool produced    4.2. Feline Obstipation  Feline obstipation is similar to constipation, but must be treated differently. Whereas constipation is characterized by difficulty in eliminating waste, obstipation occurs when the cat’s bowels are blocked and it is unable to pass any waste at all. The cause of obstipation and the signs and symptoms of the disorder are usually the same as with constipation.  
  4.3. Feline Megacolon
A cat that suffers from chronic constipation or obstipation may ultimately develop Megacolon, which is a distended colon with poor movement. When this occurs, fecal matter remains in the colon and becomes continuously drier. As a result, the colon becomes filled with waste almost as hard as concrete.      5预防便眯的食物添加身分  Foods that can be added to your cat’s diet to increase its fiber intake include:   · Canned pumpkin   · Bran   · Vegetable meal   · Whole grains  南瓜,麸皮,蔬菜,全麦等  
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7.  How is Constipation Treated?l Initially, any medications that the cat is receiving that have the potential to cause constipation must be withdrawn completely.  
  l After this, the first consideration when treating constipation, especially if recurrent, is to treat the underlying cause of the problem. However, even with a thorough work-up, the underlying cause may not always be apparent, in which case, symptomatic treatment only can be given.  
  l There are special enema solutions available that contain a variety of salts and citric acid. These have the effect of rehydrating the faeces by drawing water through the wall of the colon. One such product is called Micralax?. This works very well at stimulating defecation in normal cats, but in heavily constipated, or obstipated ones, it is much less reliable.  
  l All other treatments are aimed at preventing the recurrence of the constipation, and in the majority of cats, this involves modifying the diet in some way.  
  l The most popular preventative treatment is the use of faecal bulking agents. These retain water within the faeces, making them softer, and easier to pass. Commonly used ones are bran, sterculia (Peridale?) and psyllium (plant extracts). Laxatives can also be very useful.  
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l Katalax(一种去毛膏)  Katalax helps these hairballs to pass through the system, thus making your cat feel 'lighter'.    l Peridale capsules  A bulk promoting agent (exerting its effect mainly by a hydrophilic action) for the control of faecal consistency, and after-surgery constipation and diarrhoea in cats. The Sterculia in Peridale takes up as much as 60 times its own volume of water, forming a gelatinous mass. This increases the bulk of the intestinal contents, promotes peristalsis and helps to ensure the easy passage of a soft stool. Sterculia is an otherwise inert substance, not absorbed and so not exerting any systemic effect.

Indications in cats:
- Control of specific and non-specific diarrhoea.
- Control of faecal consistency following surgery.
- After-surgery constipation      l Noroclav  Noroclav is for the treatment of bacterial infections in Cats and Dogs  
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